Frequently Asked Questions

When will the school reopen?

It cannot be told for sure yet. In accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Education, regular classes will be taken online until further notice.

Do I have to take the online attendance every day?

Yes, the school keeps records, and creates statistics of your attendance. Attendance check is done via an online form every school day between 8.30-10.30.

Do I need to join the online video stream classes?

You have to attend all the classes as required by your teachers. The online class schedule is available from here:

Is it true that no assignment is graded, and the online assignments are not required to do?

As Alma is closed now, no grades are entered in Alma, but your teachers keep a record of the scores that you got for your assignments. Every assignment needs to be submitted on time.

Not attending classes, or not submitting assignments will affect your grades/GPA.

When we go back to school, do we continue from where we left when the school was closed?

No, your teachers are trying to keep the original course plans. These online teaching days count as normal teaching days. The contents of the online lessons and assignments might be included in your final exams.

As a student, I don’t know how to organize my day. Which assignments should I prioritize over others?

You must make a schedule with deadlines for each subject and give priority to subjects which have a very short date to submit your work. Make a table with the priorities and follow this table.